You’ll Need:
2 ? cup flour
3 tbsp. Coffee mixture with 3 tbsp. Sugar
? cup oil
? cup juice or milk
? cup granulated sugar ? ? cup for eggwhite
7 pcs. Egg white
1 tbsp. Baking powder
2 cans condensed milk (pasteurized)Toppings
Pasteurized condensed milk boil for 2-3 hours
Mix with cornstarch

Procedures : 1.Sift and measure cake flour.
2.Make well in dry ingredients
3.Combine ? cup oil, egg yolk, ? cup milk, coffee and 3 tbsp. Sugar, mix in flour.
4.Mix starting from the center going to the side in one direction
5.Beat eggwhites
6.Fold eggyolk mixture
7.Bake in a lined pan or tube pan at 350?F about 35-40 minutes

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