Gluten Bread

You’ll Need:

1? pounds gluten prepared as above
2 cakes yeast, dissolved in one tablespoon warm water
? teaspoon salt
? cup oil
8 ounces bread flour

Procedures : To prepare this Gluten Bread Recipe 1, first work well till you have a perfectly smooth dough, then set in a warm place to rise. When risen, work it down. Allow it to rise again, then mold it into a loaf. Set the loaf in a warm place to rise till it is one and one-half times its original size. Then bake it one hour.

This bread, if made from flour which is 10 per cent gluten, will be about 20 per cent gluten bread; if made from flour which is 12 per cent gluten, it will be about 24 per cent gluten. (Bread flour is usually from 10 to 12 per cent gluten.) Ordinary bread is from 8 to 10 per cent gluten. A loaf of bread made according to this recipe would contain about six ounces of starch, five and one-half ounces of gluten, two ounces of fat, and the rest water

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