Kathy’s BBQ Pork Roast

You’ll Need:

1ea. 4-5# Pork Roast (boneless)
1/3 Bottle Earp’s Western Steak Sauce
1/4 Cup Apricot Preserves or Orange Marmalade
1 Small Handful of Golden Raisins
1 TBL. Brown Sugar

Procedures : In a large zip-loc bag, mix all of the above ingredients. Place roast into bag, seal and marinate in the refridgerator at least six hours or overnight. When ready to cook, remove roast from marinade and reserve the remaining marinade for basting.set to a low temperature, 20 minutes per pound. Cooking on a grill or in an oven will work just fine too. Baste every 20 minutes with the reserved marinade until done to your liking.

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