Two Potato, Fresh Herb and Smoked Salmon Terrine

You’ll Need:

4 medium size Ruby Lou potatoes
4 medium size Royal Blue potatoes
2 teaspoons salt flakes
fresh herbs (dill, flat leaf parsley)
Freshly ground black pepper
100g smoked salmon
60ml olive oil

Procedures : Terrine tin ? 16cm x 10cm x 7cm. Line the tin with glad wrap.
Boil the potatoes in salted water until tender, allow to cool then peel and set aside.
Take the smoked salmon slices and line the inside of the terrine tin.
Keep 5 slices aside for the middle and the top.
Crush the potatoes with your hand and gently press the potato into the terrine tin.
Randomly place 3 smoked salmon slices in the middle, and finish with the rest of the potatoes, place the rest of the salmon on the top and then cover with glad wrap.
Refrigerate for 1-2 hours, turn upside down, remove tin and glad wrap and sprinkle with chopped herbs and slice into six.
To Serve: Garnish with dressed mixed greens and pickled chillies or gherkins

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